Never Said Goodbye....

I look back from the begining and how it all started
Day after day always together as if it was no parting
I didn't understand why i was giving so much of myself
But for some reason this man seemed as if nobody else
The days and nights we would talked about everything
Looking forward to see what tomorrow would bring
Soon he invited me to meet his family and friends
Texting him while he was at work waiting 2c send
But things began to change things wasn't right
I began to feel as if he didn't want me in his sight
14 years i gave of my faithful life on hold
No knowing inna end he would do me dirty &bold
Broken promises never fulfilled i still stuck by
Now its over in my heart i wanna break and cry
Still i know God see the real intentions of his heart
Regrets now wishing this relationship never started
But how could he leave and never say goodbye
I thought what we shared was a ribbon in the sky
But ill walk away and never look back
And make sure the next isnt a lieing ass rat
One thing about them tables they do turn
And when that karma comes back that ass might burn
Another life lesson learned 4 me
But im still strong and now better you see
I pray who he is with gets to see his player ways
Because that man dont want real love only 2 play games

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