Never say Goodbye

I still remember you as the days go by
for your memory within me will forever lie
do you look down on us and watch with pain
now you are gone things are no longer the same

Memories of a life you once did hold so dear
now forgotten by the ones you held so very near
for the love of your family that was once so strong
now discard the one you loved as though her happiness is all wrong

For the one you loved gave them all so much of her time it's true
now their friendship has turned against her all because of you
with no written words of how you wanted things to be
we behind see the pain of what it will cost to lift a part of this memory

Why do the little innocent ones have to suffer in this bitter game ?
do the immediate family feel no ounce of shame?
the one you loved never wanted it at all to end this way
so much love for his children she did hold for them I can proudly say

Now no one comes forward to see or speak to the one you have left behind
do they not feel for her or love her anymore after all this time
sadly things must now draw to a close as another chapter in her life melts away
but her happiness in the end is what I hope and pray

Never say goodbye to what you all shared not so long ago
but it is true that blood is thicker than water and this they aim to show
who is to blame for this and where will it end?
for now they do not exist as a friend
( c ) jim morrison

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This Poems Story

When a partner passes away and how the family reacts to the loved one left behind