Never Surrender

By Reverie   

Until the sun sets past the horizon,
Until everything’s fallen, leaving not even one
We must rise, we must fight until the very end
We’ll try once more, we will get back up again.
We’ll never give up, never forfeit
Never surrender, won’t pass up the bet
Advancing onwards, we shall never retreat
Our adversaries shall fall, face to face we shall meet.
This is how it goes, this is how we roll
Synchronized to perfection, we’re not bronze, we are gold
Or maybe even platinum, or diamond’s the best,
But what’s important is what we are, not the name that we jest.
Falling, but recovering, that’s what we do,
Getting back up, for me and for you
Advancing, marching further, putting all to the test
This is what matters, leave behind all the rest
It’s not about who we beat, it’s about when we win,
Our journey will not be put aside, will never be forsaken,
Until the very end, here we stand, heads held high,
Knowing full well, we’ll never surrender, we’ll never die.

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What more is there to say? The poem says it all. ~ Reverie