Never Take for Granted

Never take for granted each breath your blessed to take
Don't wait to fix your problems till tomorrow,
They're only bigger when you wake
Don't miss a chance to say I love you,
Thank you, or pass on a lil smile
Don't be afraid to lend a hand or
Ever doubt going that extra mile
If I were given the chance on what message
I would get to leave behind
I'd tell my children how wonderful your life could be,
But only with Jesus at your side
Don't take for granted what He has given and
Your life will be filled with peace
Don't fill your life with selfishness, hate or full of grief
Greed will get you no where and hate gets you less than that
We all sometimes lose our sense of direction, but
God will give you the wisdom and the strength to get it back
Remember what feelings you hold deep within could
Leave the worst scars you'll ever bare
'Cause keeping all your hurt and pain inside will leave you
With nothing but anger to share
And there will come a moment
When it will all seem that it's just too late
But God knew what He was doing when He made us,
He loved us so much that, He even left room for our mistakes

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