Never thought

1. The days just pass me by, im lost in a Wonder why, A feeling
I can't deny. Its a process ur gonna have to grieve, still in shock i dont want to believe. I do circles as i try to catch my breath, doing a thousand things instead of dealing with ur death. Avoiding the pain in the demon clouds of meth. Its not fair no one was there now i know ill never find u anywhere. I shake my head as i fight the tears in my eyes, it hurts so much i lost my ride or die please let it be just a lie i could never say goodbye. My soul has been split in two its always been just me and u. Nobody will ever feel the pain that i do, how do i breathe without u i have no clue. I stay thinking about my sister i never thought I'd have to miss her. Now inside of me there's very little left, the day we buried u the only day i actually slept. Sweet dreams knowing my sister had been kept.
Afraid to go to bed reinacting scenarios in my head remembering the last words we said. Gone but my heart still denies it i can scream and throw a fit but u wont come back you were gone the minute the second split. I go so blank as drive into the deepest ocean i want to dive. living and breathing but i doubt that im alive. I don't want to face this world without you, the tears just fall there's nothing I can do I wake up with pain I don't want to go through just buying to everything that I'm supposed to see without you I'll Never Be Me from this heartache on never be free enclosed in my mind every minute I lost every second ill never find there is no way I can go on, knowing that you're gone. Trying to put the pieces together struggling to keep you forever inside my pocket inside a little locket my heart is filled with regret, remembering all the days we spent. They say one day at a time. But if Never Letting Go is a crime then lock me up and throw away the key because I can't live without the biggest part of my soul missing for me the Earth may still spend but my world stopped when god took my one and only Savannah lynn..

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