Never to Be Read

I was sick of not being happy.
Everyday I felt numb, my world bleak and pointless,
All to the point where I wondered why I was still here.
Every day I was reminded,
By people who call themselves my parents, that I'm not good enough.
Until I met you. You changed my world.
Something that once was sad and dull,
You made it full of colors and love. You changed me for the better.
At first I just thought of you as my best friend,
Then someone who I was developing feelings for,
Finally the man I fell in love with.
You may not love my back and you may never,
But you fixed me.
You pieced me back together,
When everyone including me thought I was shattered beyond repair.
Every day you glue a little piece of me back into place,
Every day I fall a little bit farther in love with you.
You warned me not to do this and that you weren't good for me.
I lied when I said I wasn't expecting a perfect fairy tale
I lied because you already were my fairy tale.
You aren't my prince, you're my knight.
You're not in shining armor mounted on a glorious steed you are you.
You are my loving knight,
You protected me and built me up when no one else would.
I pour my heart and love into this message,
A message that you'll never see because you don't love me.
I just thought you ought to know, that I love you.
You saved me and everyday I love you a little bit more.

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