Never To Be

It's like being wrapped in a thick wool blanket
That has been soaked in a tub of water overnight
Then wrapped in another, and another, and another
Arms trapped, legs trapped, barely able to breathe
Blankets secured with straps, pulled tight like a corset
It's like a scalpel slicing through your scalp
Prying apart the flesh to let the snake inside
The snake wraps itself around your brain
Knotting its endless body over and over again
So many knots you'll never undo them
If you ever get out of the blankets
Torturous slithering of the snake
It sinks its fangs into your brain
The venom burns through tissue, turning bone into ash
Paralyzing possibility, strangling spirit
When madness copulates with despair
Using compulsion as a lubricant
It breeds a demon that destroys from the inside out
If only you had breath enough to scream and let the pain escape

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