Never Truly Alone

In a flat windy desert with a blue sky,
there's no one to be seen.
There's no sign of life far out or in between.
In the distance a gust of wind picks up the dust,
wispy swirls in the air.
On the desert floor skinny,long shapes start to form,
what's under there?
The wind picks up, swirls become spirals,
uncovering something like porcelain.
Wait. No. Stop. It can't be. Look again.
Laying in the sand, is a small, delicate skeleton.
She's deserted by all, buried half way in the ground.
She's so far away from any forms of life,
not even touchable by a sound.
As if the universe could sense her loneliness,
it sent her a sign.
A graceful and vibrant butterfly.
Descending from above,
it slowly drifted onto the skeleton.
Showing that even when there's loneliness,
there's still love, elegance.

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