Never Understands

Have you ever had those days when you wonder why you're alive?
Like if no one cares
As if no one were there
Why even try?
All you can do is cry
You ask yourself, why?
But there's no reply
You try to hide
There's no where you can go
There's no where you can hide
You just want to die
Finally you reach the breaking point
Everything's falling to pieces
No one to turn to
You try your best but nothing's helping
You're at the edge
You're about to do something you'll regret
Till that one special person comes and changes your whole world
You feel as though nothing can affect you anymore
It's like you're on top of the world
You feel like you finally mean something
Like you're finally special to someone
Like they need you like you used to need them
Well that day may come
Even if it does you don't need them
I've learned to never depend on anyone but myself
They'll only eventually hurt you like everyone else
Trust no one but yourself

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