#NeverForget 9/11

My slightest movement can change everything
I move my hands and the earth shakes
I move my fingers and people quiver
I move my head and the world rotates

September 11th, 2001, Logan International Airport
My fingers move and change the mind of five
*Flight to Los Angeles International Airport is now leaving
My very palm accidentally jerks….

At 8:46 A.M in New York, New York
I felt a little more heat come through
It almost felt like a 1,368 foot spear
Had gone through my dry skin, killing many

At 9:04 A.M in New York, New York
Yet again I had more torridity heat.
Ouch! There is that spear again.
Why are there so many people dying?

There spears felt very sharp,
It combined fire and many flights of stairs
The burnt, crushed planes were found here too.
I wonder what could’ve caused this…..

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