Let’s make our own Neverland.
Let’s make ourselves a place where we never grow old.
We can craft a place where we dance in the moonlight
And live story and myths that will forever be told.

Let’s jump from the heights
And swim with our dreams.
And let our eyes glow with fire,
For nothing is ever as it seems.

Because in the dark there is a deadly pirate,
The world trying to steal away our happiness,
But let it try because it is an unending stream,
A river full of love and bliss.

We are the wild ones.
And we will live forever,
If only in a memory,
The past will live if they remember.

Remember the day we were born
The day we first screamed our defiance into the air.
Remember the day we stole the show
When we were the beauty so rare.

Remember the day we never grew up
Because we are forever young at heart.
Remember the day we lived,
The masterpieces we were, the works of art.

Remember us, how we died, but didn’t.
We are the Nevers.
Remember us, how we are the essence of eternity.
We are the Forevers.

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