By Abby Ar   

You told me you loved me,
But then said nevermind.
I was nobody,
I was deaf,
And blind.
You told me I was the one,
But then said nevermind.
Little did I know it had only begun.
You called me pretty,
But then said nevermind.
I looked at myself and felt only pity.
You told me my dreams would finally come true,
But then you said nevermind.
What could I do?
I was worthless and broken.
What could I do?
My heart was filled with devotion--
For you.
You told me who you wanted me to be.
I tried my hardest to be her,
But it just wasn’t me.
To you I was a cur,
And that’s what I always would be.
That was the first time you didn’t say nevermind.
You continued to hurt me,
But what did you find?
I was nothing when you were finished,
Just bruised and bleeding.
Looking back now I was diminished,
And every part of me was pleading.
It’s funny how I thought I loved you,
All I wanted was an escape from life.
I really didn’t have a clue,
Until you stabbed me with your knife.
I can hear it now,
Every time you said nevermind to my face.
I worked so hard,
And wiped my brow,
But you just tied to my feet some weights.
Now you're behind your own bars,
Forever gone away.
Now I am here in the stars,
So who needs your neverminds anyway?

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