New age humanity

Humanity, (n) the human race. Ie. mankind
But is it really humanity if we built walls to seperate us?
Is it really humanity if not even the minorities will stand by each other?
Is it really humanity if the first thing we see in a person, is their race?

Race, human categorization
From children, teens, to adults
Based upon our race, we are given stereotypes
Based upon a war, we are given looks

From stereotypes to flat out killing each other
What about humanity?
Truly, we have replaced that word with “race”
Instead of humanity, we have made Hispanic, Black,
white, asian, arab... the list goes on

Instead of race, we have made immigrant,
gang member, racist, terrorists, bombers, and “our enemy”
What have we become?
Judging someone because of their race

Antwon Rose, black male, 17, shot and killed in 2018
Tommy le, asian male, 20, shot and killed for holding a “sharp object”, a pen
Pedro Villanueva, hispanic male, 19, shot and killed in for making a U-turn
Sadly, our men are the main targets when it comes to racial inequality

More and more walls of ignorance and hatred
Race, gender, language and religion are now all playing a part in how we die
But what happened to humanity?
Violence upon violence threatening the way we perceive each other

With every shot, with every accusation, with every life taken,
We are slowly making the word humanity less meaningful
Thousands of people, discriminated and put down by other races
Example, Hispanics and Blacks, who have both gone through a similar past,
But we have turned on each other

The level of respect has gone down tremendously
Minorities have, again, made more walls
Within our own race, we have colorism,
past down from the history we are taught in class

Teaching us about slavery and despise
When will we realise that this “war of the races” is still happening
The war that started 50, 200, 500 years ago
Years of hatred that started it all

Years that passed down from generation to generation
What have we done to “humanity”?
What have we done ourselves?
The “war of the races” is truly the “war against humanity”

The entirety of the human race
The war that affects every single one of us

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