New America

If the children are really the future
Then why do prison guards get paid more
Than the teachers that are supposed to keep us from being statistics
We call ourselves land of the brave & free
Yet the only thing you've proven is that you're free to murder me
Did we rewrite the National Anthem & no one informed me?
Listen to me!You've created monsters that won't be ignored
Do not let Donald Trump in office
For you will witness a real uprising
The Revolution will be televised!
Can you see it starting?
Home of the brave & free
But all I see is cages in different stages of society
I thought the stars & strips represent UNITY one NATION under GOD
America has become a joke code for certain oppression
Land of the beautiful
Cursed by the hate we've thrown
Chiraq, Call of Duty 123 code red in America
News flash we're sinking

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