New Forms

The tattered up map clearly showed…they were lost.
They’d looked at it for so long that they’d missed some of the season’s leafs start to fall.
All over the lands of nowhere, they of course saw gardens, but also crisscrossed.
They said they really wanted it, and adventure became the waterfall.
Getting lost in the jungle being just as bad as never conquering it was the only pitfall.
They decided to raise the standards like they knew life’s logarithms.
To them, doing it their way was better than falsifying.
Setting out to record it is so much more heroic than never keeping a logbook.
They always found the way out using corrected equations although they embraced the faultiness.
They saw the sweetness of the new forms once they let go of failure’s bitter saltiness.
Instead of burying anything, always dance in the jungle like no one’s watching.
The Season’s always changing, so don’t let the weather let you keep giving excuses.
If you don’t like how a liquid’s flowing, then start splotching.
Checking it out actually starts with taking mental X-rays.
Then some day you’ll get out there to catch the Sunrays.
Some of us walk by streams while others go to them to listen.
The important thing is finding the right stream.
Find that place you don’t mind stopping to get down with the lizards.
A battle for which you don’t mind getting out your bow and pulling back the string.
A success you will have because A Soldier you didn’t mind dedicating yourself to being.
Before you know it, a love for life you will have grown.
Recycle what doesn’t work into your learning process.
Don’t be afraid to embrace the new forms.
Watch the leaves grow back after it’s no longer winter.
Trees don’t mourn dead leafs unless they’re stuck bitter.
Without the leaves, the branches get lonely.
The Trunk gets sad because it wants someone to hug him.
A human’s arms or even a smile will help him from feeling like a lowlife.
The Human Spirit with a dash of compassion is all it took.
The Trees in the Lands of Nowhere then told them where to look.

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