New Love Burns Old

Dreaming with eyes open alone at night,
Searching for you I'm lost in twilight.
My eyes are heavy, and my heart bleeds,
Visions of you are burning turning me.
Your grace is like wine complexing in notes,
Your reflection a beauty is compassionate.
Your power shimmering in skies illuminates.
Your love radiating blurs my sight.
Our love is born merging souls of fire,
Feeding flames from infinite free desires.
Beating hearts seeded in completed touch,
Marked in ashes an emerging life flashes.
A new beginning anchored on phoenix wings,
Marked by the battles of old lovers dreams.
A sad song true, but outgrown truth sings,
Dark messages conveyed are bursting seams.
Scars are seared sown in old loves embrace,
Their love staggered while ours soared.
We flew higher found in arms together,
A new dream living in our eyes mirrored.
Collided now a burning brilliant star,
It's molten core discovering who we are.
Racing through infinite space, and chasing time,
An ultimate paring we're passionately sublime.

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