New Me

This is the new me.
The old one had to die so I could be free.
She was sad, damaged, and a danger to herself.
She had feelings for herself @ the bottom of the shelf.
She was so lost she tried to drain the life out of me.
She was killing me; I knew I had to flee.
She and I could never be friends.
She only thought about life as a means to an end.
It was hard for her to truly be happy.
Mostly because she always felt crappy.
Listen to me trying not to be so happy.
I hated her.
She hated me.
One of us had to go.
One needed to die you see.
So I chose to kill her off.
And I did so without a blink or a single cough.
Okay I admit I didn't quite kill her.
I chained her.
I drained her.
I took away her power.
Without her negativity I bloomed into this flower.
She is still around, bound, and locked in her tower.
Struggling, fighting, and getting weaker by the hour.
The new me is so emotionally strong.
Reminiscing on the old me just feels so wrong.

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