New Millenium Same E-Game

Huera was a ghetto whitegirl from Palm Springs
I didn’t know they had ghettos in Palm Springs
I don’t even remember her real name…
But I remember her loud-ass proclaiming

She had already drank a half a bottle of Jägermeister
She slept with her money in her crotch when she visited her family back in Palm Springs
Her brothers were heroin addicts
Her nephew was a runaway
And her daughter was an aspiring model
All this within minutes of walking into the bar
These were her icebreakers I guess…In Palm Springs that’s how they do

She was a big girl, with a halfway pretty face
Big tits is an understatement
And a fat ass to match
So I indulged her raucous and loud behavior
Because I was horny

Two skinny good looking chicas
Sitting on the stools to my left before Huera showed up.
In the minutes after, they moved to the lounge area.
Fuck. What did I get myself into
Bartender get me another beer
And another half bottle of Jaeger for this beastly woman

I walked my ass here and I broke out a sweat
And I showered before that
And ironed this shirt
So get me another beer
And then another
And then another

And then finally, I do the bar a service
I say, I gotta get up early tomorrow so I’m closing out my tab
You can come back with me to my place though
I said that to this woman.
Who was as loud with her voice as she was grabby with hands
I wanted to fuck her
So we went back to my place

And she was kissing me
And I was fondling…things
And we went to the bedroom
And I pulled out her titty
And I unbuckled her pants
And then she says…I’m not gonna fuck you
Because it’s all you want is sex

So I walked her to her car
This woman that was smothering me at the bar
And came back to my place
Who was kissing me back
And was letting me suck on her tits
And went into my bed…
And then decided to play that stupid game

No more beastly women
No matter how big their tits are
And asses that match.

I wonder if those girls are still at the bar…

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