New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans
A great place
Where the people
Put a smile on your face
The food will keep
You in the mood
To get on your feet
Dancing to the beat
In the street
The music is loud
People draw a crowd
I used to be a resident
Of the West Bank
The Best Bank
Couldn't get no
Rest Bank
Having fun
It's just begun
For twenty years
And many cheers
I had my first child
Time's were wild
Many memories
I shared
People cared
I was prepared
Never forget 2005
Hurricane Katrina came and my life
Was never the same
I moved and Improved
My dad died
I cried and cried
I had a son
After I lost one
I went to school
It was cool
People could no longer fool me
I started writing books
Stopped dating men
Based on looks
Looking back
I was on the wrong track
Going down
About to
I was sinking
I wasn't thinking
Now I applied
I tried
I learned
So the problems
Never returned
I started from
The beginning
Nobody thought
I'd end up winning
Like the New Orleans Saints for 40 years
I was one of the Aints
2009 they went
To the Superbowl
And believing
They started achieving
That year
I was in school
And it was cool
When the game
Ended with a victory
It changed their history it was not
A mystery of
The people who are
Winning they always
Are the people
With a rough

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This Poems Story

New Orleans my home for 20 years from 1985-2005 Where my first child was born Where I was in abusive relationships Dated the wrong men Men in jail Users,cheaters,liars I was diagnosed bipolar I had a great therapist Shirley who inspired me to be the person I am today Her support from 2002 and love are reason to why I refuse to quit I will keep believing and achieving I didn't grow up with Parents who believed in me because many uninformed people think being Bipolar means you can not succeed. I succeed and have everything I need. I survived the Hurricane. God relocated me to Alabama to do great. I miss New Orleans but I am glad that I left and got my life back and on track for my two children who are watching me. I moved from New Orleans at age 30 and I will be 43 at the 13th year Anniversary. I have done well. I made it through hell to tell others you can make it through the storms of life they will teach you lessons count the blessings. Storms come to show us God knows us and must grow us!