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New places

Fall down to the ground
No getting around
I'm as still as a statue
Frozen with fear
What will meet me here
I never liked new places
Always gave me the creeps
Never liked new places not one bit

I want to stay but he won't go for it
He'll push and push and so will everyone else
No one wants to be late
he would leave me here with all my fears
I never liked new places not at all

My mother says move is good
I don't know if I should
Lie to her face or tell the truth
Either way I would be misunderstood
There's no getting around it
I have to go even though
I never liked new places not at all

I sit in a chair waiting not wanting to go there
But they call me up and I know it's too late
I have secured my fate
Oh how I hate, hate, hate new places
I never liked new places not at all

I sit in the office feeling everything but happy
I know the time has come for I want to flee
From this retched place where they imprison me
All I want is to be free
Not go to classroom three
No teachers no students no more friends
In the end I'll just leave again
I never like new places not at all

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    Moving is hard especially when you do it so often. No point in making friends when you know you\'re going to leave again. Everyone who goes through this has that mindset. But their wrong moving is just starting over in a new place. The little time you know you have is what makes you cherish the time you have more deeply than you ever would. So in a way moving is a good thing.