New Start

By N.A.   

All alone once again I’ll be
Though I have adjusted but still mean a lot to me
She’ll be at her job far away from me
Don’t know if she’ll get time to listen to me
No more weekends to look forward to
Will have to do shopping on my own too
No choice will I get on which cut to wear
There’ll be no one with whom I can share
It will be 6 months or more when we’ll meet
And that too for time which will be bleak
I know everyone go through the same thing
And I too will adjust to this someday may be
But till that day it all will be hard
There’ll be no one with whom I can talk
I know we can chat or call
But she’ll be busy in her job and all
She’ll also be trying to adjust to the new place
At least I’ll have my friends and parents
But everything, all alone, she’ll have to face
At least I can go home after a month
But she’ll be so far, she’ll think even after 6 months
Every holiday she’ll have to spend alone
Every festival she’ll have no family to go to
All that she holds close will be far away from her
She’ll be all alone and busy in her work
Don’t know how she’ll manage
Wish I could stay with her
I hope she settles down quickly
And no more feel the need of us.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this at the time when I got to know that my sister would be going to work at a place which is 2400 kilometers from me.