New World

As I look at my children so much love I see
with clamorous and merriment many can agree
with my desire of what they ought to be
I want to ensure all that I'm doing is right
that the enemy haven't set up a misconception
out of the light so each night I pray before I go to sleep
and awake with a dream so very deep
a life laissez faire
no more worries of a government
that really never cared
so inscrutable and bare no emotions lack solemnity and devotion
in my dream there was exuberance
everything was so colorful and bright
this is what I dream about late at night
there was a lack of paroxysm and unheralded actions
it was a world of only pure satisfaction with a absence of want
needs were already provided
we were finally a real nation no longer divided
plenty of pulchritude all could see
it was a exclusive right lavish abundantly
this is my dream such a beautiful sight
I didn't want to wake up so each and every night
I say a prayer with faith my dreams will come true
to live in a beautiful world the same in each and every view
so umbrageous new and fresh this is my dream
of a new world without the lies, hurt, fear, or stress

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