New year resolution

May peace prevail in this wonderful world!
In the earth and sea and sky, and space
Unceasing peace in all forms and essence
Ceasing all threat of fire from any power and empire
Destroying all depravities and damaging mentality
Lead to the light from darkness, death and destruction
Lead to the truth from false lies and evils of your speech
Statement, action and fabrication of facts
Lead to the light from darkness of ignorance
Lead to the prosperity from hunger and suffering
Stopping wars and conflicts and hunger and destitute
Of discrimination of all sorts of isms of extremism
And lead all humanity to the peace and tranquillity
Preaching peace and love and fraternity and brotherhood
Ending all division of caste, culture, gender and age
Friends or foes are all human soul
Forget the size, shape and the colour of skin
Or the face of their race
All division bury in the past
And lead us all to peace and prosperity.

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