Next in Line

He's been sick for quite some time now, his mind is not the same,
he no longer knows me, nor does he know my name.

He's always been a happy man, now he cries as he struggles,
to remember the simple things forgotten, to watch, it's such a

He has a way of winking, to make us believe, he's been fooling us
all this time and he's really like he used to be.

As the months pass by his health is ailing, getting sicker by the
day, now he lays in a hospital bed and sleeps the time away.

There's not much they can do for him, since he's no longer eating,
we take him home to be with us and watch him day by day.

We sit and watch with careful eye and as we watch we pray, please
O Lord don't let him suffer, he's been through enough today.

For some reason he's not ready, to leave this earth behind,
maybe it's because, he needs a bit more time.

Those who've passed before him, have gathered by his side,
to comfort and assure him, that everything is fine.

His heart is beating fast, his breaths are very shallow,
I really think he's ready, to be the next in line.

Daddy I hate to see you go, it's just about that time,
God is waiting for you, you are the next in line.

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