Nice Try

You tried so hard to see her frown,
You were dying just to see her fall down,
You were there to laugh whenever she failed,
But she won't stop until her last breath is inhaled,
You were always angry when you seen her succeed,
You are never happy,
You live in greed,
You've always tried to break her,
You wanted to see her quit,
But you see you can never make her,
She's not backing down one bit,
You took all of her kindness,
You've mistaken it for weakness,
No matter how mean you were,
She continued to kill with sweetness,
She's stronger than you thought,
And jealousy to you is all her achievements brought,
You've criticized every move she made,
You felt mad that her smile never seemed to fade,
She is not the girl she was yesterday,
You took her for granted and now she walked away,
She is a much stronger person now,
She made it through the pain some how,
Though her love for you will never die.
She's finally realized that she must say goodbye.

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