As a child I learned to swim
Now, an adult, I learn not to drown
Fleeting innocence
A pool of self doubt and fear
Thrown into the deep end

I gasp for breath as my mind turns into
fogs and clouds
My first fears lost long ago
Memories of afternoon Thunderstorms

Momentary pouring Rain
Brings Sunshine to erase the Pain

Sidewalks remain the same, as they soak in the pains of yesterday
Moments of rot
decay, some may say
A flower once beautiful, now dead and washed away

To decompose and fall between cracks
stepped on, ignored with lack
Of love, acceptance, or tact

For beauty is fragile and so is the being
Of whom who beholds it or feels it or speaks it

These sidewalk cracks I walk I may never look back
But these sidewalk cracks hold truth and facts
The leaves of fall remain momentarily
To remind us of the changing seasons
The Beauty it brings
To remind us of the winter ahead
Hardship but praying spring will come and what rests might not be dead

To look back at the fall behind is to structure a fall divine
yet lack of meaning and growth
Rebirth and life would become a folly

Fall leaves remain behind us
As the fresh blooms of spring remind us
The sun rises, stays, then sets every day
And the moon watches every night
As we sleep, cry, and pray

And this pool of ignorance and bright
is where I would like to spend my life
For Ignorance is bliss and this world has gone amiss
This world is left for the ugly to maintain fortune and fame
I’d drown alone before I play this game.

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