Nigeria my beloved country

What can i say about Nigerians civil right movement.
Actions for equality and freedom for civil improvement.
It means beign treated equally.
Civil rights are important to all Nigerians.

We Nigerians, we still suffer from the shackles of civil right.
We still face corruption and unemployment.
Looking down upon the mighty reflection.
Never points me in the proper directions.
History is full of firsts.

Oh! Nigerians at least i believe since i am one.
I think our country still has a way out.
It is evident our country is fighting against corruption.
Racial equality is still an issue in our nation.

Some says it started during the 90's.
And yet still posses no end.
But for our leader who frolick in the 90's.
One could argue it.
I believe that there will be progress in this nation.

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