When sunset approaches,
the sky paints itself with a blend of colors.
These colors darken until
the sun falls beyond the mountains,
and then they vanish.
In their place, a dark black cloud spreads.

The last few bits of sunlight disappear into the mountains.
Darkness starts to reveal itself.
It spreads throughout the streets with no signs of stopping.

But then the street lights flicker,
the moon,
with its white light,
emerges from behind the clouds,
and the stars unveil their sparkles.

With this light,
the streets become brighter,
illuminating the darkness.
But this light is not as bright as sunlight.
No, this light is different,
it’s dark, calm, serene and shines with a peaceful hum.

With this light,
we see the first few steps ahead of us,
but we don’t see the end of the road.
A slow advance to the unknown,
but nevertheless,
every step is precious,
and full of memories.

With this light,
we can find the way,
even when we are lost.
The darkness encourages the stars to illuminate the night sky.
Among the stars, the North Star shines brighter than the rest.
It is surrounded in light,
showing us the way with a smile.

At this time of light,
darkness invades the insides of our homes.
In that darkness,
we lay quietly, in our beds.
The silence of the night wills us to sleep.
And, as we sleep,
the sun rises again,
ending the peaceful darkness.

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