A moon hangs high above a restless city
It's golden lights scare many stars away
Hiding behind dark clouds looming above

Midnight, another cold February storm
Rain glows on the pavement under the street lamps
In the empty parking lot
Only at night is my city a ghost town
Eerie, cast with a strange spell
Magic of the witching hour

I look at the strangers
Standing on the platform, alone
Sad faces masked by shadows
Ambling on an empty train
But nowhere to go

Outcasts, sad hearts filled
with loneliness

My eyes turned, I feel awed
By such a scene before me
But how could I feel so?
My life lived in light
I'm not like them

Wanting this for me
Consider me unlucky

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This Poems Story

I've been writing creatively since I was five years old. I've only recently taken up writing poetry. In the past year, I've found love in other forms of art like theatre (drama), fashion, and dance. I am an artsy theatre geek at Quince Orchard High School and I work for the literary magazine. I call myself the "Taylor Swift of Poets" because my poetry carries the same themes as her music--love, loss, life, and honesty. I come from an Irish-Catholic family who give me so much love and support. My art is my diary, and I let my emotions and past experiences inspire me. My other inspirations are Madonna, Lady GaGa, and Jesus Christ. What inspired me to write this poem was what I felt from what I saw around me as I left Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour in Washington, DC. My biggest dreams now are to attend a New York City College and star on Broadway. I also want to add that "I was born this way" (little monsters!).