Praying for daylight, hope weaponized.
An armor of possibility, galvanizes me.
Survival is within reach,
A mirage, off in the distance, dawn is approaching.
Night, feeling pressure, to finish the job it started.
It’s powers are limited,
The strength it once had, quickly dissolves.
Consumed now, by the presence of a grand warrior.
A sunrise peeks it’s head, day has arrived,
Bringing with it, gifts of renewal and second chances
Bursting with visions of gratitude,
Paving a golden path,
Distance grows, on the way to new life.
A brilliant victory achieved,
Bathed in a waterfall of confidence,
Implant of a new thought transpires,
Emboldened to begin a new journey,
Each step forward, adding a layer of protection.
Nostalgia replaced by amnesia,
A barrier of strength is constructed,
A centurion of courage, is placed as a gatekeeper.
Lest I forget, night will return.
Undeterred from an appearance, by day.

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    This Poems Story

    The dichotomy of laying my head on a soft pillow, preparing to enter the much needed utopia of relaxation for the next 6 hours, I found myself thrown into a mental battle of all that I had put off facing that day. A flood of emotions and thoughts caused my mind to race. This poem is part 2 of what that experience felt like.