Night Curse

My eyes open,
it’s hot in here,
I roll over
just what I feared!

Look at my phone,
it’s three a.m.
I dread this moment,
I’m doing it again.

Punch the pillow,
cover my head,
roll it over,
kick the bed.

Shut your eyes,
get up to pee,
wash your hands,
don’t wake up, I plea.

Oh, I’m awake!
I try to pray.
My mind wanders,
review the day.

Punch the pillow,
cover my head.
Now I’m cold,
cover the bed.

Pop a melatonin,
toss and turn.
Don’t think too much.
When will you learn?

Punch, kick, turn, sigh.
I’m dozing off...
Buzzzz, HIS alarm!
Turn it off!!

My eyes open, it’s eight a.m.
Now I’m up,
drag out of bed.
Where’s my cup?


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