Night Drive

Clothed in warmth, she watches as the dim lights pass her by
Feeling only the smooth sound of the bass beat against her body
The streets bare as she flies through the darkness.
A breeze blows through her long brown hair as the window glides down,
for just a moment she can let go.
Let go of everything that's wrong with her life,
let go of everything wrong with the world.
Her heart flutters, and her muscles release.
She's so carefree, so full of life.
She turns up the music. to escape. the rest of the world.
Her thoughts.
As the sweet bass beats against her soft porcelain skin,
all resemblance of a thought leaves her mind.
Yet she feels everything.
Peace. Love. Passion. Happiness. Content. Sorrow.
She just wants to feel. to escape.
To drive into the deep abyss they call night.
The seemingly never ending darkness
that holds so much promise and beauty.
The way the concrete streets appear at night,
so bare and lonely. Yet seemingly peaceful and exuding warmth.
The smell of the warm summer air awakens her soul,
and brings her to life
as she dances through the night
only to come home and crash into her harsh reality.
The world has fallen so far.
Tomorrow she will awaken to the cruel and harsh sunlight,
she will wait until nightfall
and she will drive in her deep abyss of bliss.

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