Night Has Its Own Words

Silent night speaks thousand words, makes you forget all the pain
And immerses you in its brace
Open arms pamper you with delight, night has its own words
Stars that I gaze upon every night are the tales of my life
Telling stories in their own ways
They hold me and lift my spirit every night
Night has its own words
Deep dark clouds are my thoughts, come and go when they wish
But always quiet to all unknowns
They have a good way to hide their pain
Of tears and name it a rain
To all it's only rain but to me it's always tears of my pain
Night has its own words
Sparkling moon runs around everyone
Shining upon the ones who need the most
But who knows how it feels to be always surrounded by dark
Ask the one who knows its phase, all you see is bright light of it
Try and look beyond the things, as night has its own words
Silent, deep, dark, mysterious, peaceful is all I have!
Ocean at night is like Heaven inside my heart
Feel the waves, but can't reach to its destination
Lost are the waves when splashed to the shore,
Crushed are the dreams with the sound at the shore
Who heard it inside your heart no one knows
Night has its own words

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