night in the city

One glance straight up,
It's pitch black at first,
Adjusting the focus,
I see fluttering tiny glitters,
Scattered in the vast unknown,
Surrounding their king of glow,
So bright ball of shine,
Though Cannot dominant the sky,
The glistening windows of the sky-highs,
Overpowering the natural delight,
The chatters and honks louder than whooshing winds,
Until midnight,
The city is still alive,
As I stand on the rooftop,
The tall dark silhouettes attempt to hide me,
I feel I am sinking even at the top,
The breeze tickles me,
The rustling calls me,
My soul feels liberated,
But I am trapped,
In the concrete jungle, I breathe,
Defeated by the man-made structures I feel,
My knees fall as I lookup,
And the moonlight processed to comfort me.

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