Night of the Witches

Dark is the night
As a chill wind blows
Dry leaves rustle
Cold and decay sting the nose
A smell of smoke fills the night
As the witches gather
Mothers, sons, daughters, and Crones
Drawn together on this night of old.
Silent passage they make their way
Into this pre-arranged time and space
Reverence to the circle they bring
Hushed clouds crawl in a velvet sky.
The moon rides high into the night
To share her secrets and her light
And in the streets the children chant
Something sour, something sweet
Give me something good to eat.
Mischief is afoot as door bells ring
It's Halloween, It's Halloween!
The old year dies, a new begins
As the witching hour now descends
Light your fires and honor your dead
As the veil thins between the worlds
We celebrate those who came before
Ancestors speak with all who will listen.
The wheel of the year now draws to a close
A spiritual new year about to unfold
Your resolutions now to declare
Intention for the New Year speak into the air
To ride the wind to the Goddess' ear
Your will to attain your desires to share
What are your hopes, your dreams, and your wishes?
On this Blessed Samhain night
This night of the Witches.
~Koneta Bailey 2015

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This Poems Story

My favorite season is Fall and with that brings the Halloween season. All Hallows Eve is considered to be the "Witches" new year and when the veil between the living and spirit worlds are believed to be the thinnest, to allow easier communication with those who have passed over. The "Night of the Witches" celebrates these events.