Night of White

The night of white
Where the birds of heavens take flight
With wings that illuminate light
Through the white of night

Dark can't exist without light, it seems
Though this night is more beautiful than dreams
The night dances through beautiful moonbeams
Through this night of white, the light does gleam

Light can't exist without night, it's true
It is a law both old, and new
Like grass shining with morning dew
There can't be light without dark
Just like there can't be me without you

Angels sing during this time
Through the distance bells begin to chime
It makes life feel like it's not worth a dime
During this glorious time

I will not forget the beauty
This night had to offer me
Like a work of mastery
This night can't be comprehend by you or me
So it shall stay a mystery

The dawn approaches through the night
This is what I shall write
During this beautiful night of white

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