Night Parade

Blazing quicksilver flirts with the midnight dew.
Unseen drums beat to an unearthly tune.
Whispers from another place dance on the deadened air,
As His servants emerge from the half-formed ether:
The Thrice-Damned Monk in Blue
(whose blood-soaked fists condemned his fiery soul)
The Blackened Iron Assassin
(whose polished steel cleaves guilty and innocent alike)
The Devil’s Icy Consort
(whose frozen touch melts devout men into beasts of sin)
The Eternal White Fox
(whose immortal youth demands human hearts)
The Feathered Servant of Death
(whose black wings bring naught but despair)
They; Who bear His mark proudly
Who fly His banner in the moonless sky
Who spread Fear in His glorious name
They; the yōkai who march tonight
They march as one, to the heartbeat of the screams.
To the tempo of the New Moon
They march in the Fear of their Leader.
The Lord of Pandemonium leads his army;
His Night Parade of a Hundred Demons,
To blanket the world in Fear.

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