Night Sky

Ode To Night Sky
Dear Night Sky,
Use to make me full of energy
Like a never-ending party
Still makes me cool, comfortable and free
Now as the Night’s gentle breeze blows
It throws me into the past
Remember the days with my friends
I almost forget I'll will soon be an adult
I want to spend more in the Night time
“Lighthouse” and parties make me alive
The thrills I had in Pittsburgh’s Night Sky

Each day was a blast
I wish it could last
As the the “Kaze” blows
Energy begins to flow
And as i stare into the air
I’m relieved of all fear
I feel like i’m one with the shadows
One with darkness
I am one with the night
Feels truly bliss

As i look up into the Night Sky
Staring back are bright and burning billion eyes
The shiny luminescent stars above
I feel nothing but love
Puts me in a daze as i gaze
Controls my mind and makes me have flashbacks
Of the days of old and young
So vigorous, a ball of life
Night gives me wings
As i glide swiftly through the terrain
“Kaze” on my back, energy and freedom i end up to gain

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