Night Terrors

"You should see a doctor," they tell me with faces
of uncomfortable concern
as I stare longingly out the car window
taking in the beautiful darkness
of this night.

"I don't think I will," I tell them.
"It's a part of me, just the same
as my skin," I tell

"To be truthful," I break away from the
deep concern beyond the glass pane,
"I enjoy them."

Inquisitive eyes search desperately for
some strange reasoning; so I tell them,
"It reminds me every night they come
and every time I wake that I am still alive,
that I can still feel, that there are worse things
than being alone; it makes living,
being awake
that much more fantastical:

wonderfully ambitious."

They nod,
turn up the music and
shrug it off.

the dark of night is as
alluring as ever.

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