Nightly Chores

I hear the back door close,
Then the shuffle of your feet.
Another bottle has been opened,
I sigh in defeat.
You settle on the couch,
And I hear your faint snores.
I get up out of bed to start my nightly chores.
I lock up the house, pouring your beer down the sink
You smell of pure alcohol, how much have you had to drink?
Third night in a row you hid yourself outside
Thinking we don't know the secrets that you hide.
Covering you up I shut off the light
Tonight the couch is your bed, like it has been the past few nights.
I walk back to bed feeling quite beat.
Hoping to get some rest knowing this night will repeat.
Little sleep I'll get tomorrow with every drink he pours,
Knowing I'll be up late to do my nightly chores.

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