Nightly Joy

Each night has everyone in a happier mood than the day hours. Three children, five and under, are getting ready for bed. With their head with wonders, Mommy and Daddy help them as much as plays from the dead.
First are the twin boys, no more than the age of three, both have a striking resemblance to their father. Their big sister helps out in glee. They are both grateful for their only daughter.
Blue and green surround the family as the boys cuddle with their favorite books in hand. After reading, they speak the holy words of Christianity. Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister kiss the little boys into dreamland.
Now, it’s their five-year-old princess’s turn. She has her bedroom covered in purple and black. They read one of her favorite books without any concern, and she too joins the pack.
Lastly, Mommy and Daddy get into their massive shared coffin. The early thirties woman has a smile on her face. She thought about this life often. This wouldn’t have happened in the first place.
Her husband, in his mid-thirties, understood where she is coming from. Years ago, while being newlyweds with less income, this life would be just a dream. Now, their happiness has gone to the extreme.
Together in their first home as husband and wife, parents to three beautiful creatures of the night. They want this life, and hopefully, things will go right.

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