Weary eyes as heavy stones.
As a star in the flickering sky, forever alone.
Sorrow kept in a cracking glass.
Pain hidden under a happy mask.
Waiting upon mercy divine.
Boiling in endless time.
Worst nightmare became reality.
Only escape within my fatality.
My flesh pours from off of my bones.
My voice gushes out in lamenting moans.
I looked for a corner to rest my head,
I looked for a place to make my bed,
I'm locked in a glass room,
Surrounded by the walls of doom.
All that look in mock.
They all sneer and talk.
A million pounds upon my back.
I feel my mind start to crack.
A story never told,
It rots with the old.
I envy the life of an ant.
I desire the life of a plant.
To do without worry or pain.
To walk with a preprogrammed brain
To feel no emotion.
Watch life in slow motion.
Why do the wicked prosper and sing?
Why do the ungodly feel no sting?
Yet the poor and the afflicted,
Even they are wrongly convicted.
We cry for merciful arms,
OH God, save us from this harm.
My head desires the peaceful grave.
Rest do I so crave.
The stress of the entire ocean,
Is upon me as a cursed potion.
Vexation and agony are my only friends.
Tear me open so I can't ammend.
Oh God, how long shall you despise?
How long shall you mock our cries?
We pray for your healing.
We ask for your tender feelings.
Shall we receive heavy beetings and wrath?
Can we never walk the narrow path?
I can't wake up from this nightmare.
Where are you mother, I'm 's scared.

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