Darkness crawls inside my head,
covers pulled up on my bed.
Lying frozen and awake,
while my body twists and shakes.

Shadows looming back and forth,
sliding, rising on the floor.
Clothing, blue jeans lying still,
sitting quietly by their will.

Not but inches past my door,
demons call me to their shore.
Squawking, taunting, laughing tongues,
swearing that their curse is done.

Pray the morning’s reach is near,
cast away my fright and fear.
Doorknobs turn before I rest,
bring me to my final test.

Fingers twitch, my eyelids flash,
past me creeps a noxious gas.
Burning, stinging, ripping me,
screaming that I need to feed.

Eyes glow red, my claws shoot out,
devil’s ooze without a doubt.
Shrieking, buzzing voices sing,
welcoming their demon king.

Horns are blown, the trumpets sound,
celebrate their leaders found.
Sitting on my ghostly throne,
feeling power fully grown.

Servants bow with faithfulness,
praying that I will redress.
Cape is tied, the crown is on,
bring me to the morning’s dawn.

Terror filled, and heartless souls,
waiting for my evil goals.
Running down the darkened paths,
close your eyes and sleep at last.

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