Watching as the clouds slowly roll in.
Sitting there next to her, I feel safe,
Safer than anyone could imagine.
My head, rested on her chest while we lay on the ground,
I start to drift asleep, while feeling the evening breeze.
Holding her slightly, while she gently rubs my back,
I am falling asleep faster, forgetting the world, I slowly lose track.
Right before I enter the dreaming world, the last thing I hear is 'I love you'.

In a house with several different people,
My family to be exact, at the table eating dinner.
'What is your high?' says the middle,
'Being here with my family!' says the younger
And it slowly steamed from there.
Finishing up our dinner, we end with a good night,
Walking to bed, did the daily routine before going to sleep, and fell gracefully
To bed with a start of a good dream.

A man walked in one house and tore up the place,
While waking up two, they saw no face.
He was white, but had a mask, and a knife in his hand.
They were scared, frightened, and had no phone close by.
He approached them slowly,
They start to run upstairs in fear.
Hiding in the closet, making no sudden movement,
They hear the door open, with a slow creaking noise.
The footsteps of this man get hotter and colder,
Then finally they knew, he spotted the closest.

The same happened to another,
Same man, but he went just little further.
This person was trembling in fear,
As the man walked nearer and nearer.
He took out his silent gun and pulled the trigger,
Silence fell upon the poor woman, but now the night
Was much quieter then a 5 year old kid in shock
When he learned that his dad died in an oversea 'fight'.

Again, different night, the same man attacked,
But not in a similar way as the others.
The woman was scared, she was all tied up.
The man was happy for what he has done,
He raped her and kept her alive, for a while.
This one worst out of the others, he shows her the pictures of what he has done.
She screams and yells, frightened from hell and back,
But still nothing heard for a sock shoved in her mouth.
She sheds tears, as loudly as possible, but still nothing heard
Because it is duck taped over her mouth.
He takes out his knife and puts it to her throat,
Whispers in her ear 'what a bad girl you have been'.
Squirming, but failing, she just can't resist,
While slowly he slits a great cut across her throat.
He watches as the blood comes rushing out,
Like a river that is close to a big drop.
He moves to the stomach, slowly cutting open,
The pain she receives is so, very unpleasant.
All he does is laugh and continue what he has started,
Killing and eating all of those innocent lives.

Awake! I have woken in this dream I am having,
This disgusting dream I have not had in a while.
Scaring me to death, I text the people involved,
'I hope you are okay, I know you are, it is just fake..
you are fine, it wasn't real, was it?' I press send and here is a response
5 minutes later, 'Of course, hon. I'm fine. We're all fine.' replied.
Slowly calming down as I am told that they are fine,
I take out my phone and come up with a poem.

Whispering in my ear to wake up,
I look at her, give her a kiss, then a really tight hug,
I whisper in her ear, 'I love you, thank you for everything,
I am really glad you are here.' and to her reply with a huge smile,
She closes her eyes and says, 'I love you too'.
We stand up, and look into each other's eyes, and then embrace in a long tight hug.
Turning side by side, hands locked together, we stroll back home,
After we had a wonderful time.

We get to my front step and she says to me:
'Sleep well, beautiful, and remember, the dreams are never real'.
I walk inside with a huge smile,
Turn around and walk up stairs,
Open my door and stand there, the smile slowly fades.
The man in the mask, is sitting on my bed.
Realizing now, that tonight is my night.

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