I cant believe it's over,
Soon to be a dream.
The laughs had died down,
Echoing the scream.
Trying to figure out,
What is truly ment to be.
Trying to clear your mind,
Trying so hard to see.
And when its to the point,
You can barley breathe.
Whats the point in understanding,
A simple little dream.

Its the insanity,
The trickery,
Its the pure madness.
Its the beauty,
What really makes me,
Its what enchanted us.

And everyone,
Please listen close,
Cauze i wont say this twice.
You used me once,
Stabbed me in the back,
And that wasnt very fucking nice.

And people dont understand,
They never fucking did.
They all think your dreams are stupid,
In their eyes your still a kid.
People say dont hold your breathe,
Cause the fairy-tales aren't true.
But they say to work real hard,
Everything will soon come to you.

And they all think they know me,
They think they understand,
Everyone thinks that they own me.
They think they can get inside my head
But thats far from the truth,
Cause what i hide may frighten you.

But they still dont understand,
That its tougher then they think.
You can work till the end of time,
and you'll still teeter on the brink.
Of having it all,
Or losing all hope.
Saying yes to everyone,
Or just saying nope.
Simply holding your breathe,
Trying not to scream.
Waking up at 3 in the morning,
Finding it all to be a dream

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