Blood drips in an abyss of despair
Alone he sits in the darkness of his nightmare
The corpses of his greed lay beneath his stare
His demented mind swallowed in a cage of fear

Within the raging sea lies his mind
Storms of hated, keep him confined
His madness slowly becoming part of his design
More victims pile as he becomes more refined

As the crimson stains an ocean of pain
He becomes part of this world lost in chains
As the blood spills his lust is sustained
But in exchange, he becomes more restrained

The mental binds of resentment hold him fast
Beneath his agony, a pain impossibly vast
He crawls beneath a burden of infinite mass
He trembles and shakes, shatters like glass

Broken and beaten, his hollow heart still beats
He opens his eyes, as he lies upon his sheets
His nightmare consumed him, it made him weak
Until a blade of mercy left a red streak

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