Nightmare At Idlewild Way

Nightmare at Idlewild Way
I was 12 & my sister was 9.
As children with my dad we grew up fine.
Until the day my "mom" kicked him out he lived in his van.
Then she decided to move in a child molestor man.

If we were out with our friends after 5:00 he beat with his belt.
Abuse, fear, & hatred is what we felt.
He disrespected, abused, & raped us.
He was an infectious disease he did as he pleased.
My sister told her teacher.
The police or paramedic never did reach her.
She died several times.
She is still he has not returned to find.
I couldn't save her she was 9 & I was 12.
He told me if I tried to save her
the same thing would happen to me.
He tied "my brother" to a chair.
With a rag over his face he poured water there.
I think he tied, gagged, & locked "mom" in a closet
where she peed herself for I don't know how long.
He said she was at work but her purse was still there
so something seemed wrong.

"My sister" he spent hours punishing her by strangulation
& recessesiation repeatedly because he is sick.
No body wanted his dick.
He strangled & killed the dog next door.
For the next three years or more.
All three of us became his sex slave "whores".
"Mom" got him a loaded gun even though we were poor.
He would piss on our toothbrushes.
As soon as we fell asleep to fuck us to our beds he rushes.
He would spit in our cereal.
It was unbelievable.
Abuse & evil inconceivable.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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