Nightmare before me

my worst nightmare
Are controlled by my deepest thoughtful, killing me down to my core.
That feeling that I can’t seem to never let go,
It keeps drowning me over and over and over again
As if it is reminding me of memories, that haunts me until
My darkest depression
I’m scared...
it’s hurts...
My nightmare became a reality that came true
And that you.....
No face, no fear an empty soul with a heartless col
Consist lie and tricks
Drag me into a game of war I truly had no control over or want to play
Force in to not ever winning but trick in to always losing
I poor out my selfish feeling to thinking, you’ll notice my pain
No you didn’t give AF!!
At the end you became that joker that always win
I became that fault to choose love will be began again
This is my nightmare and I let it get to my worst
This is my nightmare I have to take fault for killing me inside
This is my nightmare I cry myself to sleep
But you’re
My worst nightmare of all.

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