Nightmare Land

Moments pass, life passes by me in a blink
Without you, I keep sinking deeper and deeper
In the depths of despair and insanity
Struggling to preserve my sanity
in this hell of night
Just when I think it's all over
As the water closes in
A glimpse of your smile
Pulls me out, keeps me afloat
on this river of blood, sweat, tears and pain
in the land of nightmares, despair and pain
I try swimming towards the shores
Where people live happily ever after
But somehow it always seems far away
Without you here, I'm slowly dying
Life has no shred of meaning
on this river of blood
I will myself to rise every day and fake a smile
Make myself useful and defy despair and pain
Putting up a brave face I keep going on
and on thy end unseemingly close
To what end I may not ever know, or to end ....end I may
In this land of nightmares, despair and pain
I pray for my demise not knowing
if I shall be redeemed or banished to hell for eternity
to be forever tortured or
to be heavenly praised, that is thyne question

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This Poems Story

I write because I see possibilities that are unique. People need to realize not everyone is the same but each person's experience needs to be accepted into the understanding so that together we can advance and change our world. I hope this poem brings light to other's plight.