The clouds are dark and full of sorrow,
Knowing that you will not be here tomorrow.
Nothing is the same now that you are gone,
My misery begins and will last for so long.

Just give me the helm of darkness.
Perhaps I can be made invisible from my mess,
And no longer have to face my fears,
But rather hide under the cap for years and years.

You have pierced the thought of love from my mind,
Melinoe's presence is made and deems to be unkind.
Love is now a nightmare that I receive as a gift.
They are likely if you are in a rift.

I'd rather be taken to Hades,
There is no one there I need to please.
Only the god that takes me,
"You will be enriched by others like you," says he.

Souls that are drawn together,
Unite as one forever
In this place called the underworld,
Where our broken hearts and dreams swirled.

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